All iSabio e-Learning courses work on Windows XP or Vista only.  Mac and Linux are not supported.
Most e-Learning courses works only with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Media Player.  Firefox browser or other media players are not supported yet
You can open an account at KeyOS (our DRM service provider) by following these steps
Please make sure to configure your computer correctly first to play DRM content before trying to open this account.  Only after your confirm that your computer is configured to play DRM files, then proceed to the next steps.
  1. Download this file, unzip it, then run the video file.
  2. This is not a simulation.  This is an actual transaction of US$0.01 (American one cent).  This way, we can verify that your credit card will be accepted, and the course e-Learning files will actually play on your computer.  US$0.01 will not be refunded.
  3. You will be giving three ways to view the content.  If you were provided an Activation Code, you can use it here.
  4. If you already have an account, you can type your ID/Password to view the content.
  5. If you are new, click on "Create Account" button (unless you already have an account)
  6. Now you are creating a new account.  You use this ID/Password to watch future courses.  Make sure to use ID/Password that you can remember easily.  Enter information and press "Submit."
  7. Then enter your (or your parents') credit card information.  The credit card information will be stored in KeyOS secure server, so that you won't have to enter it every time.  If you live outside the U.S., please select your country first so that the State/Province field becomes a blank field in which you can type.  Please type all information in roman alphabet (English alphabet).
  8. If you were able to view the content of OneCent_OpenAccount.wmv, it guarantees that the course e-Learning will work on your computer. 
Once you open an account, you will be able to purchase our future e-Learning with your ID and password you just created.  If you want to delete your account, please write to with your ID (no password).  All your information and record (including the credit card number) will be permanently deleted.
KeyOS의 계정을 여는 방법입니다.