Sabio Students & Teachers

If you are teaching or taking a math competition course at, you probably have an access to these lectures.  Your activation code is formed as follows
amc-(your Sabio ID in lower case)-(your Sabio Password)
For example, if your Sabio ID is SA9876 and your password is grEenCloud, then your activation code is
The ID has to be all lower case.  But your password has be exactly the way you type in site.
Then run this file.  Then enter it on the blue checkmarked Activation Code field as shown below.

Ask your teacher if your activation code does not work.
  1. This activation code will only once.  Make sure to run it on the computer that you will view these lectures.
  2. You can recommend these lectures to your non-Sabio friends.  Send them the following link 

Found an error?  Please report it here.  Suggestions are welcome, too.