Q: Should I download?  Or view it online?
A: It is a matter of your convenience.  If you are wasting time waiting for the video to load, then download it first.  The videos will load almost instantly.  But if you are going to view only a few lectures, then downloading will take more time than viewing time.
Q: Can I download after paying and viewing it online?
A: Yes, whether you view them online or download-and-view, they are the same files.  The activation code stored on your computer won't know the difference if you are viewing the video online or from your hard drive.
License transfer
Q: If I purchase the licenes, can I view the lecture from a different computer also?
A: The license you purchased is stored on the computer.  The license is associated with the computer, not with the user.  You cannot view the lectures on other computers, but anyone can view the lectures on your computer.
Q: What if I claim I lost my computer and receive re-issue of a new Activation Code as explained below?
A: You can do that for $10.00.  The original license will be disabled, and you will be able to study on your new computer for the remainder of the license duration.
License loss
Q: What if my computer crashes is stolen?
A: If you received your license from your school or teacher, you will have to ask them for your Activation Code replacement.If you purchased the license directly from iSabio or Sabio Academy, and if you have the receipt (it could an email you received) we will disable your original license and re-issue a new Activation Code that will work for the remainer of your original license duration for a $10.00 fee.  We will re-issue the Activation Code two times at most.  More information on this Activation Code re-issue will appear here in a few days.